Same day dentures



Removable same day dental implant dentures is another specialty of Armani Dentures in Chevy Chase Bethesda, Silver Spring and Baltimore area. Also available on the same day while waiting at the office. This procedure involves surgical implantation of a minimum of 4 mini dental implants in each arch. The mini dental implants, also known as posts, are surgically implanted in the maxilla (upper jaw bone/upper arch) and mandible (lower jaw bone/lower arch). The attachments for these posts are installed on the denture which when finalized will perfectly snap onto the mini dental implants. This is an instant renewal of smiles. This ensures greater stability and absolute denture retention. Oh, by the way, a denture valued at $499 with this procedure is FREE or that value can be discounted from the values of Ultra Premium or Supreme Ultra Premium Porcelain Dentures. 4 Mini dental implants per denture are priced from $3000. Armani Denture offers one of the lowest cost for dental implant in Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia including Delaware and Pennsylvania. Compare these prices to the All On 4 Dental Implants which range from $12000 to $45000 elsewhere. All-on-4 is a Registered Trademark of Nobel Biocare.

Use of adhesives is recommended. Any well known over the counter denture adhesive is useful in keeping the food particles out of spaces in between the denture plates and the gums. Not to mention discomfort but also it would be extremely un-hygenic to have any foreign particles enter in the spaces. Adhesives seal the spaces and also enhance the stability of the dentures in mouth.

Armani Dentures shows a picture of lower arch dental implant on 4 posts

Denture adhesives


Implantation of at least 4 mini dental implants comes with a free denture. We do not believe in jeopardizing quality to make up for any type of revenue. We will prepare the free denture with the same accuracy and precision as the ones that are paid for. Not a slightest bit of quality will be compromised as we are genuinely obsessed with perfection.