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Stuff happens, things break. Fortunately we are here to help. Our on-site dental lab makes it possible to carry out most denture repairs and adjustments very quickly and efficiently. All while you wait. Bone resorption is a natural process that takes place in everyone's mouth. This leads to loose dentures. Do not tolerate dentures that do not fit snuggly. Doing so will lead to soreness of the gums and other oral pathologies. Loose dentures can be fixed just bring them to Armani Dentures in Chevy Chase and we will reline them for you.

demonstration of patient intake for immediate denture repair

denture repair

Not only we have mastered the impression taking techniques but we have also perfected it even further. Impressions for dentures are the building blocks of everything that follows. We take our time while taking impressions. It is so precise that it is like taking a digital scanner and copying every single grove of the mouth. Every ridge is so carefully measured that the final denture just falls in place like a water molecule meets another. It is micro precise. This makes it the most comfortable denture ever created. Preliminary impressions are for those offices that lack the onsite dental labs and are waste of time. We take the impressions the right way, the first time, every time and start working on your trial dentures. Who else takes time to make a trial denture for you to try?

Porcelain teeth at Armani Dentures Chevy Chase are more durable with greater resistance to wear. They preserve jaw movement and jaw line for longer periods of time. They are abrasion resistant. They are stronger, sharper, and harder. More mucosal friendly with better chewing capability. We recommend these but are only affordable by a few since these teeth are more expensive and hence start from $3000 per denture every where. But over the past 50 years, Armani Dentures has established a premium relationship with the manufacturers and get these at 2/3rd the cost. We offer our Supreme Ultra Premium Porcelain Teeth Denture starting at $2000 each.

Think of ultra premium quality teeth manufacturing factory where vast amount of color, size, and shape are just a few of the characteristics to consider when picking your new teeth. Of course we will make our recommendations as well. We go a step further and way out of the way to help you decide even better. Try-in denture previews make it even easier to help you decide.

demonstration of superior quality of teeth with capabilities of natural ones available at Armani Dentures in Maryland DC Virginia

Maintenance is an important aspect of life. Regular visits to keep your ultra premium same day dentures functioning at their best are of absolute importance. Anatomy of the mouth changes over time. These regular visits help ensure the fitment of the dentures is prolonged for years to come. It is also very important to keep the dentures thoroughly cleaned; multiple antibacterial cleansers are available to achieve this task. It is common for bones under the gums to go thru resorption which lead to loosening of the denture fitment. Maximizing use of the jaw and chewing on solid foods helps slow the resorption process. Loose dentures cause soreness of the gums and lead to other oral health problems. Ill fitting or loose fitting dentures are indication for relinement of the dentures. Let us maintain and repair your denture and we can do it while you just wait in the office.

Porcelain teeth dentures



denture maintenance

DENTURES in one day

If you are new to wearing dentures you will quickly realize there is nothing new about how to eat with dentures. It just takes getting used to. Eat all you want as tolerated. This is one of the reasons snug fitting dentures are important. Our impression taking techniques ensure perfect fitting same day dentures. Adjuvant use of adhesives is also recommended.

There is no such thing as poor quality, good quality, best quality dentures. We do not believe in incremented qualities especially in reference to dentures. Armani Dentures only provides one and only, top of the line quality available in dentures. Our denture quality is the best in Maryland DC Virginia. Our dentures are the best dentures ever created in Chevy Chase Bethesda Silver Spring area. These dentures are unbeatable in quality and unbeatable in prices. Our same day dentures are prepared in state of the art highly advanced & modernized dental lab which is located in our dental office. The dentures are heat cured and are resistant to excessive wear. We do not advertise low prices to attract more patients; we advertise the right prices. No hidden charges. We do not cut corners to save expenses. Dentures are essential for prosperous health and we make them in the best possible manner, besides it is just right and ethical thing to do.

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Denture impressions

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