Same day dentures




shades and sizes available at Armani Dentures

Full upper and lower dentures require replacement of all the teeth in each denture which is also called arch. It is actually a positive opportunity for some patients to be able to choose the color, size, & shape of the new teeth they want or always wanted. Our onsite denture lab at Armani Dentures Chevy Chase Dental Inc is no less than a teeth manufacturing factory. We have vastly diverse types of teeth including porcelain teeth. This would be an opportunity to have a denture made precisely to your liking. It does not get any more custom made than this. The best staff in Maryland DC Virginia at Armani Dentures Chevy Chase Dental Inc is at your disposal when it comes to choosing the type of teeth; plastic teeth, acrylic teeth, and porcelain teeth are just a few types to choose from. We have everything you can think of. We even have gold teeth. Your imagination is the limit when it comes to our abilities to custom make your denture.


Like we said, imagination is the limit.

Image demonstrating beautiful smile created at Armani Dentures in one day


​Armani Dentures Chevy Chase Dental Inc's denture line consists of a 100% carefully crafted from top to bottom premium same day dentures. Full denture is indicated for those who lack all their natural teeth. All starting at $499 each. No hidden charges. No consultation fees. No impression charges. This includes our signature try-in trial denture previews which each one of our patients gets to try in their mouth. See how it feels, looks, and fits before getting it finalized. The try-in trial denture preview is another way to ensure the utmost satisfaction. We will not finalize the denture until your satisfaction is absolutely 100%. We will make as many changes or adjustments as you like for unlimited number of times during try in previews and continue to do so as long as it takes to get it to your absolute utmost satisfaction. Even if that mean keeping our office open even after closing times.

cosmetic dentures with diamond in teeth to symbolize absolute customization available at Armani Dentures